Privacy Statment

Brightlys Privacy Statement

Your privacy is respected.  We do not sell, rent or loan any, information you submit to us to any third party.
Your details are secure and the best possible protection is provided by the latest technology available so that when you do place your order, the information remains private and secure. Our computerised till is guaranteed hacker proof- as it is air gapped not connected to the internet.
What we do with the information you provide.  Your name, address, delivery instructions, telephone number are all kept so that we may ensure we deliver to you to your specified instructions and on time. 
We also ensure that your registration to our service is protected and that none else can order in your name without your permission.

Terms of Service

Other than keeping your information private and secure, we may from time to time need to contact you if we have any specific questions concerning your order.
Authorising additional work. From time to time, we come across garments and home furnishings that may pose a potential issue.   The technician will contact you to discuss the potential risk and ask for written consent and indemnity to proceed.
These issues may relate to things like potential colour loss, a defect or weakness in the item, the age and deterioration of the item for example. The item will be returned unprocessed if we are unable to obtain consent.
Here at Brightlys we comply with and follow all the standards set out by the (Textile Services Authority) TSA
As we take the utmost care in cleaning all items presented to us using the processes, which in our experience are best suited to caring for that item.  However, Brightlys cannot take responsibility for inherent defects or weaknesses in materials might result in the development of small holes in fabrics that are not apparent on the pre inspection.  
Moreover, Brightlys cannot take responsibility for possible damage due to colour loss or bleeding and shrinkage if the manufacturers instructions have been adhered to. Brightlys liability shall not exceed eight (8) times our charge for cleaning the item irrespective of its value or condition.

Customer Satisfaction

If you are not completed happy with the quality of our cleaning and care, you may, up to 48 hours after delivery, return the said item to us for a free clean and press.  
Please do call us to discuss.

Brightlys Loss Policy

Again Brightlys comply with and follow the standards set out by the Textile Services Authority (TSA), and are indeed standard to all dry cleaners.
We at Brightlys are proud to say we have never lost any item since we started trading however, should any item be lost or misplaced, we should be notified within 24 hours of delivery.  Our liability concerning the lost item will not be more than eight (8) times our cleaning charge for the lost item irrespective of its value or condition.

Codes of Practice

Handle all clothes, linens, furnishings and other items accepted by us for processing with proper and due care and attention.
Investigate any complaint promptly and, if requested, reprocess, free of charge, any article which is unsatisfactory due to fault on our part.
Pay fair compensation for loss or damage due to negligence on our part as per the industry guidelines.
Train our staff to be competent, courteous and helpful at all times.
Keep our shops, vans, containers and premises clean and tidy.
Maintain the highest possible standard of quality and service consistent with the price charged.
Display in shop premises a list of prices for standard articles.
Have all orders ready or delivered at the time stated, unless prevented by exceptional circumstances.
In the event of a dispute which requires arbitration, abide by an independent report carried out by a competent, mutually recognised test house on a ‘loser pays’ basis.