wedding dress fitting service & cleaning

Wedding Dresses

Our reputation extends to the most important dress you will ever wear. Your special dress deserves special treatment. Before the big day or after Brightly specialises in this type of work.

A dedicated team of technicians with experience have been known to perform miracles.

After the wedding, almost all brides have their dresses cleaned. Whether they wish to preserve them in heirloom boxes, resell, or even have it ready for that vow renewal !

The important thing to know when it comes to wedding dresses is that the sooner they are cleaned the more successful the outcome. Removing any soiling from the dress as soon after your big day is important to stop it from permanently staining.

We don’t want to blind you with science but we do strongly advise anyone who wishes to resell, or preserve their dress to:

Go to an expert cleaner with a good reputation

Get it cleaned as soon as possible after the date

Consider having it preserved in an heirloom box for longevity

Not to tamper with any of the soiling or staining beforehand

Brightlys offer a FREE consultation on all Wedding Dress queries before or after the big day, so please do call or visit any time.

Alteration and Repairs on your Wedding or Bridesmaids Dresses

Many Wedding Dresses purchased at reputable Boutiques provide the alteration service needed to make you dress perfect. However, online purchases are becoming more popular and these dresses usually need alterations, and a good Steam Press!

Anna looks after many brides-to-be who purchase their dresses online.   Wedding Dresses or Bridesmaids Dresses, we are here to help. Have your dresses altered and pressed up ready for the big day.

We work hard to enhance your wedding day planning by taking the stress out of your dress!


Dry Clean your dress after the big day. Heirloom Boxes

Why not have it packed and stored in one of the beautiful heirloom boxes. A wonderful variety of sublime designs for your to choose from. Once cleaned and pressed, the dress is packed with acid free tissue paper and carefully placed in the box. Layers of tissue between the gentler folds help to keep its shape and will stop it from yellowing. A wonderful wedding gift from someone who does not know what to get you!

Hi Anna,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all of the work that you put into my dress. When i bought my dress, it wasnt my dream dress, i chose it because it was within budget, and quite nice, but you turned it into the perfect dress, i was so happy, and i felt amazing in it.

Ive attached some photos to show you how it looked, everybody loved it, and was shocked when i said it was originally a size 14.

Hope you like the pics.