Laundry & Ironing Service

Shirt Laundry & Ironing

Did you know that 94% of people questioned said that they hated ironing!

Some people just don’t have the time. This is what we do here we give you back your time!

A mixed bag of ironing, or a stack of shirts can be professionally pressed up for you within 24 hours!

Our Shirt Laundry is all done by hand. Shirt collars and cuffs treated and scrubbed if necessary, stains lifted before laundering. Air dried and then finished by hand for that crisp smooth finish. Hung or folded. Normal light or heavy starch. Let us know

There is also an opportunity of having the all the laundry done!

It is very much the norm to send out the laundry now.  It is sorted, washed, folded and selected items at your instructions, pressed

Just back from your hols? drop off your suitcases with us.  You are not the first, and you wont be the last.

Two teenagers two weeks – no way!, I just dropped of all the laundry, by the time I had the house and kids organised, it was done. This was best part of the holiday budget we spent. The thought of all that when I got home had almost put a downer on the holiday
Mrs J Walsgrave, Coventry

So let Brightly cut the cord that ties you to your ironing board©