Dry Cleaning

Brightly Dry Cleaners offer a professional service provided by highly trained and experienced technicians.

We must be good at what we do as our clients come to our Shop in Earlsdon from as far as Hinckley, Stoneleigh, Solihull, Leamington Spa and Warwick for our quality Dry Cleaning Services.

Your garments are inspected no less than five times during the cleaning and pressing process.

At the counter, any soiling and stains are noted so we can pay special attention to these

Under the lights on our examination table to ensure we get the ones that were missed on first inspection.

Once the garment comes out of the dry cleaning machine they are inspected again to ensure our pre treatment has been successful.

Your garment is then steamed and finished by hand

The finisher inspects it to ensure the quality of an acceptable standard

The final inspection is made by the technician who reconciles your items with your ticket, packs it and gets it ready for your collection.

Dry Cleaning is very technical. Our technicians are highly trained and must have an understanding of science especially chemistry. Different chemicals we use react to different types of soiling and stains helping to lift them out from the fibres. These reagents are also react with the fibres in different ways too. So skill is needed to remove the staining and soiling but leave the colour and the texture of the fabric undamaged!

It takes approximately three months to learn the basics of dry cleaning technology and after which experience and skill over time creates true artists in the technology of dry cleaning. We are always still learning, keeping up to date with changes in the garment industry and new fabrics and dyes. It is all very technical.

So if you have a garment that needs freshening up, or something that you think may be a stained permanently, contact us.

Technical advice is always free. We have been known to perform a miracle or two!

I know I can be demanding and am very fussy about my clothes.  I feel safe knowing you really care about excellence and the personal service is second to none.  You really are proper professionals.         JM Kenilworth

Just a note of praise from a very satisfied customer, you did my favourite white linen dress beautifully.  Emma J, Cheylesmore

You were recommended to me and I am so glad that I’ve found someone who knows their business.  My job demands that I look professional at all times and I am very pleased with the cleaning, and the service.  Thank you. Dr M Stonleigh